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This blog is about equestrian sport. I love German NT so you will see more of this team than others. If you have any suggestions for my blog please write to me.

Note: none of these photos on this blog is mine unless stated so.

“In our sport, we don’t have breaks or timeouts, there’s no off season and no one sits out on the bench. We don’t postpone because of weather and we don’t quit on account of injury. We communicate without words. Our sport is about finding distances, swapping leads, counting strides, spinning, doing the required pattern how it is written, and looking good doing it. If you think that running, jumping, shooting, throwing a ball, or anything else is more difficult than being on an animal that weighs 10 times as much as you, with a mind of its own… while riding full speed towards a solid stationary object that can stand taller than you do is harder? Prove it to me. I dare you to get on a horse and do what we do. We’re dedicated and gutsy. We fall, and get right back up there and do it until it’s right.” -

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